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LACED RECORDS: Devil May Cry 5 (Original Soundtrack) coming to vinyl with SE X4 boxset

The recently released Devil May Cry 5 Original Game Soundtrack is coming to vinyl from LACED RECORDS. Available through LACED website, there is a "Special Edition X4 Vinyl Boxset", "Deluxe Double Vinyl", and "Special Edition X5 CD Boxset" for those of you who want all 5 discs and 136 tracks of Devil May Cry 5 musical goodness.

Music Composed by Casey Edwards, Cody Matthew Johnson, Jeff Rona, John R. Graham, Steven McNair, Kota Suzuki, Hiromitsu Maeba & Yoshiya Terayama

The LP sets will all be on coloured vinyl, with the sleeves featuring the game’s protagonists.

Pre-orders are now available on LACED RECORDS website:

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