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Twinfinite: Resident Evil 2 Composer Talks Ending Credits Song "Saudade", PS1 Nostalgia, & More

Critical and commercial success

The Resident Evil 2 remake has been a critical and commercial success for Capcom, successfully invoking that PS1 sense of nostalgia in every aspect of the game, while also keeping things fresh and energized for a modern audience.

Striking a balance between the past and present through music

With the remake, it was very important that Capcom struck a balance between keeping things familiar for longtime fans but also making sure that there were enough new twists and content that would prevent it from feeling stale.

That same line of thinking carried over into the creation of Resident Evil 2’s soundtrack, and that’s made clear especially through the game’s true ending credits song, "Saudade (feat. Shim)".

Link to the full interview below:

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