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WCCTECH: Devil May Cry 5 Interview - Discussing the Soundtrack with the Composers

One of the best character action games ever released

"Devil May Cry 5 has finally been released after having been in development for a very long time. While the wait was very long, it was definitely worth it, as Hideaki Itsuno and his team have created the best entry in the series and one of the best character action games ever released.

Devil May Cry 5’s combat is the definite highlight of the game

Things have been made even better by the battle themes for all three playable characters – Devil Trigger, Crimson Cloud and Subhuman. We had the chance to talk with Jeff Rona, Cody Matthew Johnson, Casey Edwards and Ali Edwards, who worked on the three battle themes as well as on Legacy, the main theme song. In the interview, we discussed inspiration, the unique sound design of the game and more."

Link to the entire article below:

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